Jillian Replay January 14, 2011

Jillian Replay January 14 2011

Jillian Replay January 14, 2011

About Jillian: Namamasko Po!:Jillian: Namamasko Po! tells the delightful story of Jillian (Jillian Ward), the magical doll and assistant of Santa Claus (Michael V) who accidentally falls into the hands of a sick young girl named Dolly (Daniella Amable), daughter of couple Lynette (Claudine Barretto) and Nelson (Wendell Ramos).Continue Reading Click to [+]Expand and click back to [-]RestoreLater on, Dolly discovers that Jillian is a unique doll that can talk, sing, and dance, among a lot of other things! Dolly believes that Santa Claus granted her two wishes through Jillian – that is to have a sister and a gift this Christmas. At first, Jillian, the magical doll, becomes annoyed with Dolly and her loving family, but she eventually enjoys their company.One night before going to bed, the sick child asks Jillian to promise to take care of her parents. Without any question, Jillian agrees. The following day, Dolly passes away. Lynette and Nelson gradually grow apart due to the pain of losing their daughter.Remembering her promise to Dolly, the magical doll returns to Santa Claus and wishes to become human so she could take care of the couple. But Santa Claus reveals that the only way for her wish to be granted is to learn all the human values!Will Jillian be able to prove that she deserves to be a real little girl? Will she appreciate the joys and pains that all human beings feel? Brought to you by FlipBooth – The Pinoy Style Youtube

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