Kristine Replay January 14, 2011

Kristine Replay January 14 2011

Kristine Replay January 14, 2011

About Kristine:Book Two (Ikalawang Libro)As Book 1 ends in the Television Series Adaptation of the Series, Jewel and Jaime are in each others arms once again, and Lance tries to convince Jewel who she will pick at almost any point, the one man she truly loves, or the one that is now healing her broken heart. Margarita’s schemes makes it hectic and unraveling. What will Jaime and Marco uncover about Stella and Alfon’s relationship as they are unaware of Stella? Meanwhile, as secrets unravel, Jewels safety is at risk as she is now in Lance’s arms. Fate also brings her to the unaware truth that Stella is her mother as she runs away from her home she instantly forgives but one day she and Jaime are in each others hands again but Alfon and Stella are over and done with and now Margarita is up to something. Continue Reading Click to [+]Expand and click back to [-]RestoreAfter a evening with Lance Jewel, finds her mother Anna and Auntie Stella in a bitter arguing battle a bitter Argument of a secret but as it unravels Jewel finds out she is not the real Fortalejo leaving her to confront her mother and Stella who is her biological mother in her heartache she runs back to the village where her romance with Jaime was left and now she finds himself confessing to a group of villagers his love for her as she sees him she then says yes and agrees to marry him after she finds out the truth but as she runs back home she tells Anna she’s leaving and she and Jaime get married now lost in a happily ever after as they come back to the Fortalejo manor, Stella decides to leave the manor to find a job in Taiwan but things are cut short when Alfon, traps Anna and Stella, Stella thinking she is on Alfon’s side is betrayed and later ends up hostage calling Jewel into a trap so when she is followed by Lance as she and Jaime arrive to the scene Anna is begging and so is Stella for Alfon to let go and let them leave, but the plan is cut short as Anna and Stella both find Jewel arrive Anna is still taken hostage leaving her and Stella and with the help of Lance and Jaime and Marco to the rescue and Margarita leaves Jewel and Stella hostage unaware she is also part of the plot a fight leashes out leaving Jewel in the building with Stella but she gets shot and saves Jewel but in the building Starts a Fire and to Margarita’s extent she thinks that her plan to eliminate and get her revenge and her plans result her to be successful but turns out as things go good for her, Lives are in a living hell with the death of Jewel will the truth prevail and is there any evidence or hope that Jewel maybe alive after all, and what is Lance’s cause in all of this? Brought to you by FlipBooth – The Pinoy Style Youtube

Brought to you by – The Pinoy Youtube (Pinoy Videos, Pinoy Movies, Philippines TV, Pinoy TV, Pinoy Multimedia Sharing)

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