noah 1202011

noah 1202011

noah 1202011

noah is a currently airing philippine action-fantasy series produced by abs-cbn gabriel (piolo pascual) is a police officer who lost his 2 year old son jacob (zaijan jaranilla) in an accident brought by his job which put in coma for 5 years he went back on being a police and started searching for his son whom he knew in his gut was still alive jacob drifted to a mysterious island of noah where a group of old looking apes called ungtas live they took care of jacob and re-named him eli there gabriel searches for his son and comes across him but now his son finds him part of the ungta tribe he was unable to convince eli that he is in fact his son gabriel joins him in his quest and bonds them together but little did gabriel knew that his sons quest is actually his own and that what ever will be the outcome of this quest will determine the fate of the outside world Brought to you by FlipBooth – The Pinoy Style Youtube

Brought to you by – The Pinoy Youtube (Pinoy Videos, Pinoy Movies, Philippines TV, Pinoy TV, Pinoy Multimedia Sharing)

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